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The IwtB Podcast is an investing podcast that gives all investors the opportunity to hear the CEOs and CFOs of public companies discuss their businesses, industries, and outlook. The privilege of hearing management's perspective has long been an exclusive advantage of professional investors. The IwtB Podcast intends to change that by providing the broader investment community with some of the advantages professional investors have over everyone else. IwtB is intended for anyone who has an interest in learning about investing and various businesses, industries, and markets. With a little luck, hopefully, we can help our audience achieve superior investment returns.


"We do not follow the common practice of talking one-on-one with large institutional investors or analysts, treating them instead as we do all other shareholders. There is no one more important to us than the shareholder of limited means who trusts us with a substantial portion of his or her savings."

                                                                                                        Warren Buffett, 2017 BRK Shareholder Letter

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What is corporate access?

Corporate access is essentially the opportunity for investors to sit down with the senior management team of a public company to better understand the attractiveness of owning shares of that company. Corporate access is one of the most common means for institutional investors to gain insight into the financial prospects for a company or an industry. Corporate access as a service has traditionally been offered to the clients of investment banks at a cost, but the IwtB Podcast delivers this service for free to all investors!


How it works

IwtB believes there is enormous value in listening to management teams discuss their business, industry, financial outlook, and capital allocation philosophies before making an investment decision. However, access to management is difficult to obtain for most investors. It’s also a key advantage institutional investors have over everyone else. IwtB is trying to level the playing field. At IwtB, we’re focused on providing corporate access in the form of a free podcast. You can tune in by clicking on one of the podcast platform links at the top of the page, or you can listen to episodes on the IwtB Podcast page. You can also visit this link for more clarity of information.


What to expect

IwtB intends to publish at least a couple of management team interviews every month. Black-out periods and other scheduling issues might come up, so please consider subscribing to the IwtB website if you’d like to stay up to date. Membership is free and completing the registration form gives you free and unlimited access to company interview transcripts.

Be sure to check out the Blog & Transcripts page following each interview. The IwtB Blog & Transcripts page is a free equity research portal. Register to become a member of the Buyside and you’ll have free access to the company interview transcripts. The blog page also contains relevant links, data points, and IwtB commentary on the companies that come onto the program. Additionally, you’ll find value-based market insights. If you enjoy having access to the transcripts and IwtB research, please consider supporting the IwtB Podcast.


The motivation behind IwtB

Unless you work for a large institutional investor, access to management is hard if not impossible to obtain unless you have millions to invest in a single security. Institutional money managers (i.e., the buyside) have enormous sums to invest, which means management teams are much more willing to pick up the phone when a buyside analyst calls. Indeed, some of the larger buyside firms have unparalleled access, which provides obvious advantages over smaller investment firms, financial advisers, and, most of all, retail investors. IwtB believes the average investor is disadvantaged when it comes to investing in individual stocks. A conversation with management can sometimes clear up misconceptions and uncover trends or data points that may have gone unnoticed by the market. However, there are lots of FCA regulated online brokers available that allow you to buy and sell stocks conveinently. The is one such online brokers portal that serves your buying and selling need. The IwtB Podcast was built on the belief that providing all investors with as many pieces to the puzzle levels the competition. Visit the About page to learn more about Nate Abercrombie and the motivation behind IwtB.

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